Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to my blog

I know there will not be many people reading this or who ever will read it, but I hope I can change that over the course of the next few months. Hello, my name is Bret Price and I am here to give any readers that are willing to listen my taste and spin on music.

Since I joined my school radio station (KCR Radio at San Diego State Univiersity), I have become increasingly interested in joining the music industry in some form. I will never be a rock star, I will never headline a show, I probably will never own a record label, but I love music.

I am here to follow more bands, become more exposed to different types of genres and music, and hopefully make some friends through this journey. I hope you are willing to hop along for the ride as I try to interview bands, go to shows, check out new venues, and just let people know what this San Diegon loves about music.

Thanks for following along and reading, and if interested, check me out on other means as well:
YouTube: MusicStillExists
Twitter: @MusicStillExist and also my school radio account @KCRRadio

Hoping to soon have a real website up and get the ball rolling. Have a great day music fans, and remember, Music Still Exists.

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