Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3oh!3 head out on tour

After dropping their latest album, Streets of Gold, 3oh!3 is hitting the road with their tour for their third recorded album. After such radio hits as "Don't Trust Me" and "Starstrukk", the band has kept their energy level up on the songs on the new CD, even getting everyone to sing the chorus of "My First Kiss" ft. Ke$ha.

I cannot deny that this last CD was a little bit of a disappointment for me, considering I have been listening to their stuff since before the 2008 Warped Tour stint, but for someone who has seen the six times, I also cannot deny that their live show is something that can get anyone up dancing. The band is able to keep up the high energy and choreographed dance moves through all of their shows and is a fun experience for anyone to attend.

For anyone looking to check them out on their latest tour I would recommend it. After the first few dates in the UK, 3oh!3 head to the Los Angeles County Fair to play with OK Go and later on tour they meet up with Hellogoodbye, The Secret Handshake, and Down with Webster.

Check out their tour dates HERE

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