Friday, September 10, 2010

Weezer 'Hurley' album review

So Rivers is at it once again in what seems like Weezer's 50th album, and first since last years "Raditude". Many criticized the band for becoming more pop and corny throughout the record and saying it simply just did not have the "Weezer sound".

Hearing that, it made me think, when did Weezer really have a specific sound? They have been a group of guys singing about nerdy things in a fun way, so I decided to take a look at "Hurley" to see what it had.

From their myspace ( it had their whole new album streaming for fans just days before the album dropped in stores.

Through the first two songs, I have been impressed so far. The first, radio single "Memories" comes with a fun sound and catchy chorus that gets anybody singing to it. Most likely will be one of two songs remembered from this album. (Check out the music video featuring Johnny Knoxville and the guys from Jackass "Memories" Music Video)

When I get to the song "Trainwreck", I immediately got the feeling of Hash Pipe with the opening guitars and an old school type of feeling to the song, but nothing I would stoked on to see live at their concerts.

Once I reach the middle of the album I hit my favorite song thus far "Where's my Sex?" Apparently, Rivers got the idea for the song when his daughter came and asked him where her "sex" were, referring to socks and he ran with the idea. With several clever lines, the song will make anyone laugh a little when they hear the band singing about looking for sex.

The remainder of the album comes with a few solid songs that will get your head bobbing to the music, but nothing that I would say has a super attention grabber to them.  They all relatively have the same type of sound and with cheesy choruses (see: "Smart Girls") and repetitive guitars.

Overall, I would have to say this album is much slower than "Raditude" was with much less of the poppy sound and more songs that go back to the roots of early Weezer. If you listen and feel that this is not as good as Weezer has offered before, I am right there with you. From their constant touring and last album only being released about a year ago, I feel the album may have been rushed. Don't get me wrong, this album was definitely worth the listen with a few hits sprinkled in. Buy it, download it, Limewire, whatever, get in the car and give it a full listen through.

Rating: 3/5

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