Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Wonder Years release new music video

The Wonder Years have released their new music video for their song "Melrose Diner", which came off their their album The Upsides, which was just re-released a few weeks ago on Hopeless Records.

The video begins with a 90 second introduction of the clash between wrestlers competing for the title and the girl. The remainder of the video depicts the story of how one wrestler, The Lone Wolf, needs to go through a string of competitors to face his archenemy, The Evil KRAAG, to win back his belt.

This video is very creative and fun to watch and can tell it was probably a blast for these guys to shoot. Kudos to you, The Wonder Years. Great new video!

You can check out the video here from THE WONDER YEARS WEBSITE.

from hopelessrecords.com

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