Friday, October 8, 2010

Blink 182 studio update

It appears Mark Hoppus, bassist of Blink-182 was kind enough to give everyone another studio update from this week.  Blink is working hard on their next album, but had some trouble in the studio when there was a "Complete meltdown of the hard drive/recording hardware setup".

The good news of the day is that Mark was able to post the band is currently working on another song titled "Not For Real" which gives Blink fans two tentative titles ("Up All Night") for the new CD.

As a big Blink fan, I can say this news excites me they really are backing up their word and getting back into the studio after all of their summer touring. I hope there will be more updates from the band very soon!

To view the full article from Hoppus's blog, view it HERE.

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