Thursday, October 7, 2010

Want You, Me, And Everyone We Know to play at your college?

Currently the band You, Me, and Everyone We Know is trying to set up a college tour for this November, and they want to come to your college!

Statement from the band:

"This November we’re looking to make our rounds through some of your schools.  We’ve played a bunch of colleges in the past and they’re always an incredible time and we get to meet

lots of awesomely kind people, not to mention play a killer show in the process.So if you are interested in having us come to your school in the month of November (or anytime in the future), facilitate the idea with the event planners at your school, and then either you or them email us at

After you’ve talked with the people in charge of putting on the events at your school, and you or them contact us, we will put you through to our booking agent to properly organize us playing your show.

So that’s that.


the members of You, Me, and Everyone We Know"

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